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BONX is the way

we talk on the go

Ultra versatile group talk technology

Go make noise!

Walkie Talkie


"Without this, we would have half as much fun."

Functionality that elevates fun to a new level.



"I feel safe with this."

A safety-oriented design that won't block ambient sound not disturb your movement.


Designed for Activities

  • Open-back earphone lets you hear your surroundings and keeps you safe.
  • Various sizes provide a secure and comfortable fit during extended use.
  • Two large buttons allow for easy mute and volume control.
  • Water / Shock resistant.
  • Long-life battery can easily last throughout the day.
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BONX is the way we talk on the go


Original group-talk system

  • Lets you talk in real time with up to 10 friends.
  • Delivers unlimited range anywhere your phone has reception.
  • Maintains a connection without interference, range or license—even when the network signal is weak.
  • Voice assistance notifies users when network is lost or mute is enabled.

Music and Calls

  • Choose your favorite style from a selection of 4 stylish colors.
  • Ideal for traveling safely in the city while listening to music.
  • Answer a phone call with a single tap when in the middle of a group talk.

Clear sound

  • High quality, clear sound achieved by using dual-microphone digital noise-cancelling technology along with expert audio tuning.
  • The multi-layered wind noise reduction allows users to talk even in the most extreme conditions.
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